Turning Challenges into Growth Opportunities

Partnering with you
Our strength-based approach connects clients with their authentic talents and interests, energy and creativity as the essential guide for determining how they will achieve their specific goals. A relationship of trust and discretion, of recognition and understanding, of non-judgmental but critical challenges and support characterizes our collaboration. This genuine partnership introduces a client-centered space and dynamic to deepen, expand and accelerate the process of learning and development in line with the business results, career advancement and personal outcomes of greater fulfilment and happiness that matters to our clients.

The process
For all of us, development is a life-long journey. What differs is how we choose to embrace and act on it. When we do attend to the challenges that inspire us and/or we need to resolve, we develop more sophisticated thinking and behavior. This increases our capacity to handle even greater complexity.

Our development-focused process illuminates this path, and guides its navigation. Current thinking and behavioral patterns that have meant frustration, delays, and uncertainty become the foundation for new development, goal-achievement and growth. When clients realize that the current approaches limiting them are actually the footholds for new growth, the experience of these limitations is replaced by the liberation of development and progress. We facilitate this process by using (360°) assessments and a developmental coaching methodology based on inquiry and strategic reflection. This process involves examining assumptions, considering blind spots, clarifying values, utilizing strengths, understanding the role of (emotional) subjectivity, and considering multiple points of view while verifying reasoning. Together we brainstorm innovative and out-of-the box actions, options and opportunities that lead towards a clear client-centered path forward for achieving both goals and growth.

The Difference That Matters
  • "A member of my team and I decided to call on Jessica to address some developmental goals that were key for this individual's performance and career within our organization. As the sponsor of this HalgrenCoaching engagement, I met with Jessica and my team member to provide insight on coaching goals and kick-off the process"

    - European Sourcing Director, International Retailer
  • "The Executive Coaching I received during the time I worked with Jessica not only improved my analytic thinking and understanding about organizational performance, it enabled me to change and accelerate my career path within our organization. Without her knowledge, guidance and thought-provoking methods I know I would be in a place that was not challenging or fulfilling."

    - Senior Executive, US Government