Move Forward with Us

In all of our work, whether it be Executive or Organizational Coaching, Developmental Diagnostics & Assessments or Workshops & Trainings, we put a premium on an active and interactive learning process that honors and recognizes authenticity, goals and growth.

Executive Coaching

We believe deeply in a client-centered model to coaching: the client’s actual work challenges and coaching goals lead our facilitation of the engagement. This makes our work fully tailor-made, relevant and resonant for each client.

All partnerships with us start with a cup of coffee at HalgrenCoaching and a conversation about how our clients want to grow. We share insights into if or how that translates into an engagement with us. When we believe developmental coaching or our expertise is not the right method for a particular question, we pass on insights and practical information to help clients move towards finding the match that does meet their coaching objective.

We also always encourage clients to visit with other coaches about their challenges and coaching objectives to decide for themselves which external coach they feel brings the right mix of qualifications, experience and expertise for their particular objective.
Stretch to Grow
  • "Jessica is an outstanding professional who coached me whilst I was developing my investment process. Thanks to the Executive Coaching, I learned how to improve so many details of my job. A professional with the highest standard of service combined with a very pleasant personality makes Jessica a must for any professionals looking to achieve excellence."

    - Senior Portfolio Manager, Investments Company
  • "Working with HalgrenCoaching gave me trust in the coaching industry again."

    - EMEA HR Director, Consumer Goods Organization