Our Mission and Values

HalgrenCoaching is committed to inspiring, challenging and developing leaders and their organizations to thrive and transform their worlds.

We do this through our commitment to advancing coaching methods and contributing to scientific and practitioner knowledge within the Learning & Development field.

We do this by partnering with clients in their unique journeys. Journeys of uncovering their authentic purpose, strengths and strategies. Journeys of transforming their complexities into opportunities and desired outcomes. Journeys of reinventing their contexts of their work and lives to be sustainable places for growth, performance and happiness.

We do this one client, one goal, one conversation at a time.

Our values
We are passionate about learning and growth.
We show courage in challenging the norm.
We take a strengths-based, open-minded and mindful approach.
We create partnerships based on trust, respect and honesty.
We believe that development is inspiring, fun and invigorating.
We uphold ethics and the principles of great learning in everything we do.