The Difference is in the Learning

We understand how people, teams and organizations resist change and how they get stuck. We also understand how they can create opportunities and achieve their desired futures. Stepping into each client's unique challenges - be it managing business or organizational complexity, growing in leadership, accelerating the development of new skills and capabilities, achieving a fulfilling career transition, or mobilizing change - we partner with individuals to achieve the unique goals that bring value to them and their organizations. While their learning objectives are being realized, our development-focused work also targets permanent growth in mindset, authenticity, confidence, purpose, knowledge and leadership capacity - allowing clients to strengthen their relationship with their own sense of self as they strengthen their relationships with others and the world around them.

Trained in the thought leadership and methodologies drawing on the historic work of Transformative Learning from Jack Mezirow (Columbia University) and Adult Development from thought leader Robert Kegan's (Harvard University) seminal work in constructive-developmental theory, we are part of a small group of professionals world-wide dedicated to bringing these highly-specialized, powerful approaches to our clients, coaches, researchers, and other colleagues into practice. Combined with an agile, learning and client-centered Executive and Organizational coaching methodology and two decades of international organizational and business experience, we offer a full-service engagement to our clients, bringing the best the field has to offer to each of our conversations.

Learning and Development is not a promise we make or a label we use. It is our history, our methodology, our research focus, our practice and - above all - our passion.

Coaching works.
sculpture by Gertjan Evenhuis
Cutting-edge Executive and Organizational Expertise
  • "Jessica provided the context and process that helped me dare to dream ambitiously, and to translate that to concrete actions and results. If finding your own inner compass is beneficial to you, then I can highly recommend partnering with Jessica."

    - Social Entrepreneur, Writer and Journalist
  • "Without doubt, the conversations I had with Jessica were the most valuable I've ever had in my life. I was able to make the decisions and take the right steps forward in my leadership that I needed."

    - Senior Marketing Executive, International Retailer