The Subject-Object Interview Course

What is the Subject-Object Interview?
The Subject-Object Interview (SOI) is a reliable and finely-tuned instrument designed to explore and identify the complexity of a person's meaning-making and current position on the developmental continuum of adulthood as described by constructive-developmental theory¹. Seen as the gold standard of assessments, the SOI is acknowledged as "theoretically the most elegant, and methodologically the most differentiated, of the theories and measures"² of adult development.

The Subject-Object Interview Course
Our interactive approach to learning to use the Subject-Object Interview combined with an individual, guided mentoring certification process is new in the field. Our focus is to provide a learner-centered context in which you can develop the expertise and confidence you need to use the SOI successfully in your work. You will learn the SOI with its foremost expert and master trainer and certifier, Dr. Nancy Popp. Dr. Popp has been applying constructive-developmental theory in both research and practice since the early 1980s when she began her work with Dr. Robert Kegan at Harvard.
The learning and experience gained through your participation in this course will give you sufficient background to start engaging in the field of adult development. Whether or not you meet the criteria for becoming a SOI Reliable Scorer at this time, you will have access to our expert, reliable scoring services and support. This access allows you to immediately put Subject-Object Interviews "to work" in your practice or research.

Ongoing Learning
This course is also the foundation and prerequisite for becoming certified as an official "SOI Reliable Scorer" allowing you to use the SOI in your work. Becoming an "SOI Reliable Scorer" will also allow you to join our:
  • SOI Lab: A community of SOI reliable scorers and ¬†individuals who have completed training and guided mentoring in our course dedicated to deepening their knowledge on the constructive-developmental theory, their expertise and rigor on the SOI scoring process, and finding new ways to bring this powerful lens to the forefront of both practice and research of other fields.
  • Masterclasses: Expert-facilitated, 3-session, live, online classes connecting you with other SOI course alumni and SOI reliable scorers for in-depth learning on the applications of constructive-developmental theory and the SOI.

ICF Credits
The course has been approved by ICF. Participants who complete the course can earn the following ICF credits: Core Competencies 17, Resource Development 19.

For more information about the course or anything else please contact us at

¹Kegan, R. (1982). The evolving self: Problem and process in human development. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.
¹Kegan, R. (1994). In over our heads: The mental demands of modern life. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.
²Torbert, W. R. (2014). Brief comparison of five developmental measures: The GLP, the LDP, the MAP, the SOI, and the WUSCT. Retrieved from:

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