Organizational Coaching

Tailor-made coaching programs for small, medium-sized and large groups focused on realizing complex business goals and results through expert coach facilitation and the development and use of internal peer coaching skills. Our approach is anchored in action learning, which facilitates active learning from individual and collective experience to resolve a business issue. In the process, organizations gain agility, increase their collaboration and become more able to adapting to change and resolve challenges as individuals and a group.

Example activities: Data analysis, synthesis and insights, strategic reflection, self-reflection tools & assessments at individual or group/organizational level, case studies, flipped classrooms, peer coaching, experience & best-practice sharing, mini lectures on key topics, strategies and theories.

Topics can include managing conflict, coach-the-coach training, facilitating self-directing teams, improving the quality and speed of decision-making, improving strategy to action orientation, boosting innovation & creativity, involvement in and commitment to organizational change.